Warranty - Solar Panels - Q-Cells, Q-PEAK

Warranty - Solar Panels - Q-Cells, Q-PEAK


The following warranty terms and conditions apply exclusively to Hanwha Q CELLS photovoltaic modules which bear the manufacturer’s label and which have been imported into Australia by Hanwha Q CELLS Australia Pty Ltd and are limited to the following types: 

  1. Q.PEAK-G5, Q.PEAK-G5.0.G, Q.PEAK-G5.1 
  1. Q.PEAK L-G5, Q.PEAK L-G5.0.G, Q.PEAK L-G5.1, Q.PEAK L-G5.2 

The warranty is provided by Hanwha Q CELLS Australia Pty Ltd, Level 14, 20 Berry St, North Sydney, NSW 2060, AUSTRALIA (“Q CELLS”). If you have any questions, please contact Hanwha Q CELLS Australia Pty. Ltd. at the following email: service.au@q-cells.com or by phone: +61 2 9016 3033. The warranty period begins with the initial purchase of the solar modules by the end customer (i.e. from the date of the relevant invoice). Any performance of services under this warranty will not extend the warranty period. 


Q CELLS warrants that modules which are installed in accordance with the relevant product information (in particular the installation instructions), and which are used and serviced as described in the relevant product information will not show any material defects or processing defects for a period of twelve years after initial purchase. In the event that a module has a defect covered by this warranty (“defective module”), Q CELLS, at its choice, undertakes to (i) remedy the defect, (ii) supply a replacement module free of defects, or (iii) repay the purchase price of the defective module. The procedure for making a warranty claim is outlined below. 


In addition to the product warranty described above, Q CELLS provides the following performance warranty for modules which are installed in accordance with the relevant module specifications and other product documentations. 

In the first year after the initial purchase the crystalline modules will produce a minimum power output of at least 97 % specified in the module data sheet. From the 2nd year onwards and for a duration of 24 years the crystalline modules will have a yearly maximum decrease (degradation) of power of not more than 0.6 %, i.e. after 25 years the crystalline module will have a minimum power output of at least 83 % of the minimum power output specified in the module data sheet. 

All power data refers to measurements under the STC Standard Test Conditions applicable at the beginning of this warranty. The STC Standard Test Conditions are customary standardized basic conditions for the measurement of the power of solar modules. The current Standard Test Conditions are defined at DIN EN 60904-3 (IEC 904-3). Please contact us in case you need a copy of this document. 

In the event that the power output of a module falls below the minimum power output (“non-performing module”) Q CELLS may, at its choice, compensate any differences to the guaranteed power by: (i) remedying the defect, (ii) replacing the module, (iii) supplying additional modules as described below under “Warranty claims and entitlements”, (iv) repaying the purchase price of the modules, or (v) reducing the purchase price in proportion of the actual power to the guaranteed power. Subject to any rights you may have at law that cannot be excluded, other payments, such as compensation for expenses or for related damages, shall not be covered by this performance warranty. 

See attached document for more information

If you have an issues with your system,
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