Warranty - Solar Panels - Longi LR6

Warranty - Solar Panels - Longi LR6

1. Limited Product Warranty-Repair or Replacement within 10 years

Supplier assures that under the conditions for regular application, installation, use and service, the integral module (including attached DC connectors, cables) can meet the demand of regular application, use and installation and have no defect caused by material and process within 120 months as of the WarrantyEffective Date. If the modules get out of order or fail to operate due to material or process defects within 120 months as of the Warranty Effective Date, Supplier provides remedy, only repairing and replacing the failed modules after verification and confirmation by an independent testing institution agreed by Supplier and the customer in advance. The remedy of repair or replacement is the exclusive measure within this “Limited Product Warranty”, which does not involve assurance for the module power output. The power output assurance is to be specially elaborated in theSection 2 “Limited Warranty for Peak Power” below.

2. LimitedWarranty for Peak Power-Limited Compensation

Supplier provides power output loss assurance within 25 years as of theWarranty Effective Date. Power output loss is calculated by comparing the minimum“module nominal power under standard testing conditions” (short as nominal power)marked on the nameplate with the actual power output under standard testing conditions.

With respect to Hi-MO1 series of module, the annual attenuation is less than 2% within the 1st year from the WarrantyEffective Date and is less than 0.55% from the 2nd year to the 25th year within the peak power warranty period. The output power can reach 84.8% in the last year of the25-year peak power warranty period.

Supplier assures that any qualified module sold out can meet the power guarantee value mentioned above within 25 years of power warranty period from theWarranty Effective Date. If any power loss exceeds the guaranteed value verified bySupplier, and Supplier attributes such power loss to its material or process defects, or such power loss is further (required by customers) verified by the third party testing institution (agreed by both the customer and Supplier), Supplier will make judgment at its discretion and www.longigroup.com take either remedial measures as (1) provide extra modules to make up for power loss as above; or (2) repair or replace the defected modules and provide the shipment free of charge to the initial delivery location.

The above-mentioned compensations in “Limited Warranty for Peak Power” are the sole and exclusive remedy measures.

Note: If any customer finds that the defective modules need to be returned before the treatment, the freight shall be borne on the customer. If the third party testing institution confirms that it is the responsibility within the scope of Supplier quality warranty, the shipping cost can be compensated as per the freight or related invoice.

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