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1.      Warranties


1.1.     There are four (4) separate warranties that apply to the System.

·       The first two warranties are in respect to the Goods (the solar panels and inverter).

1.1..1.      These warranties are provided by the manufacturers of these Goods and are set out in the documentation provided at the time of installation of the System.

1.1..2.     The Contractor reserves the right to refer warranty claims to the manufacturer if outside the scope of reasonable service or installation work.

1.1..3.     The Contractor shall not be bound nor responsible for any terms, conditions, representations or warranty given by the manufacturer. It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure the warranty cards or other registration requirements of the manufacturer of any Goods supplied or installed by the Contractor are complied with.

·       The third warranty that comes with your System is the structural installation warranty. This warranty is strictly limited to the structural integrity of the panel mounting system that supports the solar panels.

·       The final warranty is provided by the Contractor in respect to the workmanship of the installation. The Contractor warrants that if there is a valid defect in the works due to defective workmanship which is reported to the Contractor within Ten (10) years of the Install Date, the Contractor will remedy the defect.


1.2.    All warranties are applicable to the original Customer and are not transferable unless otherwise stated in the Agreement.


1.3.    In the event the Customer's warranty claim is denied, the Customer will be invoiced for any costs involved in assessing Customer's claim. The warranty claims may be denied for the following reasons: 

·       The warranty period has expired.

·       The goods prove to be working normally after testing.

·       The goods have been tampered with and/or seals have been broken.

·       Improper transportation and delivery.

·       Application beyond scope of safety standards (AS4777&AS31000 etc.)

1.4.    The Consumer's rights under these warranties sit alongside the consumer guarantees which are required under Australian Consumer Legislation and cannot be excluded.


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